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Date archive for: August 2015

It’s not Easy.

Police Badge

Alive and Well in South Florida

I’ve lived in the Gainsville area my whole life and my older brother used to be on the force. It’s something that I always wanted to do but unfortunately I have some health issues that could never allow me to pass the physical.

Law Enforcement has always been a part of my life. In fact, it saved my life which is why I’m able to write this here today.

Now I’m not a Hare Krishna but I do enjoy Alachua and support what the local Peace Officers of the Alacuha Police Department do for the community.

This site is something I’ve been pondering doing for quite some time. Give a little back to the community and talk about everyday things that I am involved in. How things in the community and really the world at large affect my life and yours as well. It’s nice to have a voice.

So hopefully you can relate and come along for the ride (ride along?) as I’ll post from time to time when the mood strikes. I’ll keep up with the local and state news as well as positive things about the boys in blue that keep us safe.

On that note…It’s one HOT summer isn’t it?